After Which Car Accidents Do You Need an Attorney?

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You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident: Do You Need an Attorney?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for where to turn. When another motorist’s negligence leaves you hurt, you need to attend to the often difficult task of recovering from your injuries. You may well think that, while you get down to the important task of regaining your health, the involved insurance company or companies will follow through on their job, offering you a settlement that compensates you for your damages. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. If another driver’s negligence has left you injured, you need an experienced Central Texas car accident attorney.

The Insurance Company

You've been injured in a car accident, and both you and the other driver carry the necessary insurance. It's not unreasonable to assume that the involved insurance companies will do what they're paid to do and make you a settlement offer that adequately compensates you for the damages you've incurred. On the contrary, insurance companies are in the business of making money, and this often includes making lowball settlement offers, denying claims outright, stalling the settlement process, and anything else they can get away with. If another driver's negligence has left you injured, there's an excellent possibility that the involved insurance company will try to settle for less than the amount to which you are entitled.

Your Damages

Even a relatively minor car accident can leave you with significant damages:

  • The property damage to your car

  • Your physical injuries and the attendant medical costs

  • Time and wages lost from work

If the accident is more significant, there’s more to consider:

  • The emotional damages, including pain and suffering, often wrought by a violent crash

  • The diminished earning capacity – and even the altered career path – that a severe injury can affect

  • Ongoing medical expenses, including adaptive physical devices and home adaptations

In fact, if you’ve been injured in a serious accident, it can be difficult to overestimate the damages you’ve suffered.

An Experienced Central Texas Car Accident Attorney Can Help

You’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence, and that’s plenty to deal with. Your rights and your rightful compensation, however, are far too important to leave to chance. Without the compensation to which you are entitled, it’s that much more difficult to follow the arduous path back to recovery. An experienced Central Texas car accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and will fight for your claim’s best possible resolution. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable Central Texas car accident attorney as soon as possible.

If Another Motorist Has Left You injured, You Need an Experienced Central Texas Car Accident Attorney Today

After being injured by a negligent driver is not a great time to take on a car insurance company – with its vast resources and highly specific agenda. Leave that to your dedicated and knowledgeable car accident attorney. The experienced legal team at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Central Texas is on your side, so please contact or call us at (254) 220-4225.
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