Considering Divorce? The Dos an Don'ts


If you are considering a Texas divorce, you have plenty to think about. Moving forward with a divorce is stressful, and there are several common pitfalls – but there are also a variety of steps you can take to help lighten your load. Fortunately, there are general dos and don’ts that can be universally helpful.

Texas Divorce: The Do’s

If you are thinking about a divorce, there are several things that you can do to help yourself:

Do Keep a Journal – Keeping a journal of those factors that are motivating you to consider divorce in the first place will help you maintain a clear record of what you are going through. If you do proceed to divorce, this journal will allow you to stay focused and to share pertinent information – that can be difficult to remember and keep straight under the stress of divorce – with your divorce attorney. Such a journal also increases the credibility of your story if your case ultimately proceeds to court.

Do Protect Your Children Throughout – If you are thinking about a divorce, there are obviously aspects of your relationship with your spouse that are far from perfect. These problems, however, are between you and your spouse and should not spill over onto your children. If you do pursue a divorce, it is going to be difficult enough for your kids; there is no reason to involve them or worry them unnecessarily prior to that time.

Do Consult with a Divorce Attorney Early On – If you are considering a divorce, consult with an experienced Central Texas divorce Attorney early on. This consult is in no way a commitment to moving forward with a divorce, but it can help you better understand what your options are.

Texas Divorce: The Don’ts

Conversely, there are also things that you should never do if you are considering divorce:

Do Not Post Your Thoughts on Social Media – Social media has made it so easy to post our every thought for the world to see. If you are considering a divorce, however, anything you write can – and likely will – come back to haunt you. Divorce is a private matter that, in deference to your children and to your own dignity, should not be bandied about on social media. Further, remember never to post anything that could be construed – during the divorce process – as incriminating.

Do Not Succumb to Your Anger – If you are thinking about divorce, you no doubt are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions that is likely to include anger, sadness, and more. For your children's sake and for the sake of your potential case, do not succumb to unleashing this anger on your ex in an unchecked manner. Doing so could have a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce.

Considering Divorce? Consult with an Experienced Central Texas Divorce Lawyer Today

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