The Most Expensive Divorce Mistakes

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Divorce has a bad reputation as being exorbitantly expensive. Because your divorce terms define your financial and parental rights, however, it is important to give the matter the legal attention it deserves, but there is no reason that your divorce needs to go off the rails in terms of cost. In fact, by avoiding the most common and the most expensive divorce mistakes, you can help ensure that your divorce expenses remain manageable, and an experienced Belton divorce attorney can help.

Working with the Wrong Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce, you are well-advised to have a dedicated divorce attorney in your corner. This does not, however, mean that any old attorney will do. Divorce is a very personal matter, and you need an attorney with whom you are comfortable opening up. Further, divorce is a very specific legal matter, and having an attorney with extensive experience successfully guiding complicated divorces is paramount. Finally, keeping your divorce as non-combative as possible is key to keeping the cost down, and finding a divorce attorney who shares this view is important.

Not Working with an Attorney at All

While you are not required to work with a divorce attorney, not doing so puts you at immense risk. Your parental and financial rights hang in the balance, and protecting these rights to the best of your ability is always well advised. One of the most burdensome hidden costs of attempting to represent yourself is that, ultimately, you will likely recognize that you do need an attorney, and you will have slowed down the process and may have increased the expense – of your divorce has become contentious and unmanageable in the interim.

Focusing on Your Principles

There is no doubt that divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, and you may be feeling wronged. While your response may be firmly grounded in reality, the unfortunate truth is that negotiating from a stance of principle is unlikely to get you very far. Ultimately, you will need to negotiate all of the following terms based on Texas law:

  • The division of your marital property, which must be done fairly in relation to the given circumstances

  • Your child custody arrangements

  • Child support, which is based on the state’s calculation methodology

  • Alimony (or spousal maintenance)

Putting your efforts into robust negotiations that protect your rights is the least expensive and most productive path forward.

Four: Failing to Avoid Trial

The vast majority of divorces settle out of court, and doing everything you reasonably can to keep your divorce as even-keeled – and as far away from court – as possible is always the least expensive option. If your ex, however, refuses to negotiate in good faith, going directly to court may be your best approach.

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