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Divorce and Your Ex-Spouse

No matter what the circumstances are, ending your marriage is difficult. One of the most emotionally fraught elements of any divorce is navigating the new relationship with your ex-spouse. This is especially critical if you have children together. While every divorce is unique, there are some helpful guidelines when it comes to forging a post-divorce relationship with your former spouse.


Even if your divorce went fairly smoothly, it is a good idea to keep your post-divorce conversations to those topics that are logistically necessary. This usually amounts to topics that relate to your children. Having these conversations via text or email affords you additional distance from emotions that are likely to be running high. Inevitably, there will be moments when you need to speak with one another to discuss details and specifics, but consider doing this over the phone rather than face-to-face whenever possible. Keeping your in-person encounters down to those times when you are picking up or dropping off the kids can help you forge a smoother transition into your new life.

Emotional Support

No one has to tell you how emotionally difficult divorce can be, and finding the support you need is important. While your ex-spouse is likely the person you have relied upon for support in the past, this is not a great idea as you move forward. While you and your ex-spouse may go on to build a strong relationship in the future, for now, look to trusted friends and family members for support. Sharing what you are going through can be invaluable in helping you get through the rough early-days. There are also divorce support-groups for just this purpose. Divorce is no time to neglect your emotional wellbeing; ask for the help you need.

Your Children

It is safe to say that, as hard as divorce is on you, it is even harder on your children. When it comes to your kids, proceed with caution. You do not want them to feel as if they are being pulled in one direction or another, so do not badmouth or denigrate their other parent in their presence. Let your kids know that you understand how difficult the situation is for them and that you and your ex are both always going to be there for them. No matter how acrimonious your divorce, it is in your kids’ best interests to attempt to keep the lines of communication open between you and your ex and to present as united a front as you can manage.

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