Crime Rates and COVID-19


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It is not a stretch to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways that none of us expected, and the far-reaching effects of the pandemic continue to surprise us. With shelter-in-place edicts and a strategy for returning to normal that remains up in the air, few of us are exactly sure what tomorrow will bring, and much has changed, including some crime rates.

Lighter Traffic Means Fewer Traffic Accidents

The state of emergency unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic leaves many Texans at home for a variety of reasons that include:

  • Children began attending virtual school late in the school year, and now that summer is upon us, they have far fewer organized activities to attend. Many camps and children-centered events, such as fairs, have been canceled for the foreseeable future. When children are home more, parents obviously spend more time at home.
  • Many, many adults have lost their jobs, have been furloughed, or are working from home, and this has decreased rush-hour traffic and the accidents that often ensue.
  • With fewer stores open for fewer hours, and many businesses shut down altogether, people simply have fewer places to go and, therefore, drive far less.
  • Fewer people are driving to family vacation destinations the way they did in summers gone by.

Residential Burglaries are Down

Residential burglaries have also decreased, and this is likely a function of so many people being home so much of the time. Even if the residents of one home have not had their schedules altered by the pandemic, it is very likely that the schedules of the neighbors all around them have been altered, and those neighbors are around to watch all comings and goings. Further, the safest place for children to gather and have playdates is outside, so there are more people in residential neighborhoods who are available to witness any potential burglaries in action.

Domestic Violence Has Increased

The flipside to this situation is that domestic violence, tragically, has increased. Police agencies are reporting an increased number of calls related to domestic violence. Further, those agencies that provide shelter and aid to those affected by domestic violence are experiencing increased need. Additionally, the police have cited an increase in calls about excess noise and other nuisances, such as disruptive parties.

When families spend more time at home together, the reality is that spouses and domestic partners with fewer coping mechanisms, issues with impulse control, and/or with rage issues are that much more likely to act out in potentially dangerous ways. If your household is affected by domestic violence, do not put off seeking the help you need.

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