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If you ride, you know the pull of the open road, but you probably also know the immense danger that motorists in their cars, SUVs, and trucks pose. While you are more difficult to see while you are on your motorcycle, this fact does not excuse drivers from being aware of motorcyclists in their midst. The State of Texas is addressing the issue with a Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles campaign.

The Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) urges drivers to take the time and care to not only look for motorcycles on the road but to look for them twice – especially at intersections, where dangerous motorcycle accidents are most common. TxDOT shares the following grim statistics from 2018:

  • More than 400 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents.
  • More than 900 motorcyclists were seriously injured in traffic accidents.
  • More than half of motorcycle accident fatalities are caused by collisions with other vehicles.

TxDOT shares that many of these accidents are the result of the other driver simply not seeing the motorcycle on the road – or misjudging its distance or speed. Your motorcycle’s much smaller size can give motorists the impression that you are farther away than you actually are, and when you combine this with heavy traffic and distracted driving, motorcyclists often pay the price.

Sharing the Road Safely

TxDOT shares important tips for how drivers can help share our roads more safely with motorcyclists, including:

  • Always look twice for motorcycles – especially before proceeding into an intersection.
  • Put plenty of space between you and the motorcycle ahead of you.
  • Assume that motorcycles are closer than they appear and proceed with caution (avoid turning directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle).
  • Before changing lanes, check your blind spots and use your turn signals.
  • Allow motorcycles their own lane – just like you would another car.
  • Obey the posted speed limit (speed plays a pivotal role in many fatal traffic accidents).

Drivers owe a duty of care to every driver on the road, including motorcycles. The fact that motorcycles are more difficult to see does not mitigate this responsibility.

If You Ride

When you are on your bike, it is critical that you make riding safely your first concern. Remember, too, that motorists may not see you on the road – and they may not even be looking. Keeping all of the following in mind can help you stay safe out there:

  • Always adhere to the rules of the road, including the speed limit.
  • Do not drive in other motorist’s blind spots.
  • Assume that other motorists do not see you on the road.
  • Proceed through intersections with extreme caution.
  • Use utmost care when changing lanes, assuming the right-of-way, and passing other vehicles.

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