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Community Supervision in the State of Texas

Community Supervision in the State of Texas

Community supervision is another term for community corrections, which refers to programs that allow for community supervision in place of incarceration for some defendants in some situations. Every case is utterly unique to the situation at hand, and the judge generally has considerable discretion when it comes to the matter of community supervision. The best known and most common forms of community supervision include probation and parole. Let’s take a closer look.

Parole vs. Probation

Many people have a difficult time distinguishing between probation and parole. The distinction between the two breaks down as follows:

  • Parole – Parole is community supervision that is sometimes offered to those who have already served at least a portion of their sentences in jail or prison and who are deemed appropriate candidates for spending the remainder of their sentences back in the community in a parole program. Parolees must closely adhere to the conditions of their parole or face going back to prison to complete their sentences (in their entirety). Parole may or may not require supervision by a parole officer and can be more or less restrictive (dependent upon the judge’s ruling).

  • Probation – Probation is a form of community supervision that is used to replace incarceration. The judge considers the case in question and, if he or she deems it appropriate, will sentence the defendant to probation that incorporates specific terms and that runs for a specific length of time. Probation can also be more or less restrictive depending upon the judge’s ruling – and may or may not require a probation officer.

Terms of Probation

It is important to remember that, when you are on probation, although you are not incarcerated, you are serving a criminal sentence, and as such, important terms and conditions apply. Adhering to the terms of your probation is critical to avoiding serious legal consequences (that can land you behind bars). Some of the most common terms of probation include:

  • Paying associated court costs and fees

  • Paying restitution to those harmed by the crime

  • Steering clear of criminal associates and criminal activities

  • Successfully completing alcohol and drug treatment and participating in random alcohol and drug tests

  • Successfully completing the community service assigned

  • Forfeiting one’s lawfully owned guns

  • Avoiding arrest throughout the probationary period

  • Remaining in the county (without a probation officer’s approval)

Adhering to the terms of probation is critical to maintaining the status of the probation. Failing to adhere to any of the above could lead to incarceration.

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