Crimes against the Federal Government

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Criminal charges are obviously severe charges, but when the charge is a crime against the federal government, the matter is that much more serious. Any crime that is deemed to have been perpetrated against personnel of the federal government or involving federal property amounts to a federal crime that the federal government is sure to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Common Charges Related to Crimes against the Federal Government

Just like any other kind of criminal charge, no two charges of crimes against the federal government are ever exactly alike, but some of the most common types of federal charges include:

  • Taking action against federal officers on federal property

  • Engaging in crimes that involve crossing state lines

  • Violating border laws or laws related to immigration

  • Inciting riot or engaging in acts of insurrection

  • Revealing top secret information or anything else related to national security

  • Engaging in acts that support terrorism

If you are accused of a federal crime, the sooner you consult with a dedicated criminal lawyer who has considerable experience successfully defending the rights of defendants in these complicated cases, the better.

Is It a Protest or Is It a Riot?

An interesting example of a federal charge is inciting a riot. As Americans, our right to peacefully protest is unequivocal and is protected by the First Amendment (the right to free speech). No right, however, is without limitations, and our right to protest excludes the use of violence and the incitement of violence. While some protests are limited to local matters and local organizations, many more involve more in-depth planning that crosses state lines, which places the matter squarely in the federal realm.

What Is the Significance of the Charge Being Federal?

We have all been told not to make a federal case out of something a time or two, but you may not have given much thought to what that actually means. The majority of crimes that are committed in the State of Texas – and elsewhere – are against a specific person, specific people, or specific entities. Certain types of crimes (like those listed above), however, can have much broader consequences – to the extent that they target the nation and/or the federal government at large. These crimes violate federal laws (although they typically also violate state laws) and are therefore handled within the federal court system, which tends to have harsher fines, penalties, and consequences overall.

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