What to Do After a Slip & Fall in a Grocery Store

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Grocery stores experience many slip and fall claims because there are so many ways for slippery conditions to occur. Spills, knocked-over displays, children playing with carts, each of these can lead to situations that may cause shoppers to slip and fall. Nonetheless, a slip and fall is not a lottery ticket with a guaranteed payout. Slip and fall cases require facts and proof to support your claim. Texas law usually gives you two years to make your claim.

Why Slip & Fall Accidents Happen in Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are full of liquids in containers to spill, displays to knock over, and children who can play with things like grocery carts that are not toys. Consequently, grocery stores spend $450 million annually to defense slip and fall claims. Slip and fall claims are the number one cause of both guest and employee injuries in grocery stores.

Elements of a Texas Slip & Fall Claim

To recover damages for a slip and fall accident in Texas, a plaintiff has to prove three items:

  • That there was an unsafe condition

  • That the hazardous condition caused the accident

  • That the property owner had proper notice of the unsafe condition

However, even that will not be sufficient if you cannot show that there was not adequate warning about the danger. In other words, the law expects you to take proper caution and responsibility for your actions. If you ignored warning signs or crossed rope lines, your ability to prove your claim will be limited.

What You Should Do after Falling

There are steps you should take to preserve your right to file a claim against a grocery store if you have fallen there.

  • Get medical care right away – failing to get care immediately can hurt your claim later

  • Figure out what caused you to slip and fall

  • Document whatever you can, including the hazard that caused your fall and your injuries

  • Take pictures or recordings

  • Ask witnesses for their contact information

  • File an incident report

  • Ask the store for any videos it may have of the incident

All of these steps will make it easier for an attorney to handle any claim you decide to make against the grocery store for causing your slip and fall injury. In the event that you need immediate medical attention, do not worry about taking pictures, speaking to witnesses, or doing anything else at the scene of your fall. Your lawyer can always request information later through the discovery process.

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