Traveling out of State with Your Kids this Summer

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Summer is heating up in every way that it is possible to do so, and you may be thinking of a getaway with your kids. Whether you have plans to hit a water park, visit far-flung family members, explore the great outdoors, or do anything else, if you are divorced and will be taking your children out of state, you may need to do some additional planning. To better explore your options, consult with an experienced Lampasas divorce attorney today.

What Are My Rights?

Many divorced parents are confused about what their rights are when it comes to taking their children out of state, and the matter is not always entirely clear. Common questions parents often find themselves asking include:

  • Do I have the right to take my kids out of state on vacation?

  • Do I need the permission of their other parent?

  • What recourse do I have if their other parent disagrees?

  • What if I do not want my children going out of state with their other parent?

Tips that Can Help

If you have questions about traveling with your kids out of state this summer (or any other time), there are two important tips that can help you make the right decisions for you.

Before You Book: Check Your Standard Possession Order

The answers to your questions about taking your kids out of state can generally be found in your standard possession order, your custody agreement, or your parenting plan (whichever applies in your situation). Many such orders include provisions related to vacations, school breaks, and holidays. Included in these provisions and terms there may be stipulations regarding taking your children out of state. If not, you will need to dig a bit deeper.

Talk to Your Children’s Other Parent

One way to avoid problems with your vacation plans is to talk to your children’s other parent early on in your planning process. This is especially pertinent if your parenting plan requires permission to travel out of state. If your ex has concerns, you can help allay his or her worries and help to make sure that your trip will be smooth sailing from the start. Try to hit on all of the following points during the course of your conversation:

  • Where you will be traveling and how you will get there

  • The purpose of your trip and who you will be visiting (if anyone)

  • The length of your trip

  • How your ex can reach you and/or the children while you are gone (and in case of an emergency)

  • Any requests for changes in the existing visitation schedule that you will need

Providing your kids’ other parent with contact information can go a long way toward helping to calm any nerves about you taking the children out of state.

Discuss Your Concerns with an Experienced Lampasas Divorce Attorney Today

If you have concerns related to travel with your children (or any other divorce concerns), Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Lampasas, Texas, is a skilled divorce attorney who is well prepared to help you move forward into your vacation with confidence. For more information, please do not wait to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 today.


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