My divorce case is still pending and I want to get remarried-what should I do?

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Texas is one of only a few states who require a divorced person to wait before they may get remarried. In the state, there is a 30 day waiting period, during which time, either party can appeal the divorce decree and the divorce can be reopened. Any new marriages within the 30 days are voidable and can be challenged by one of the parties.

Waiting can be a positive for those couples at odds with one another—since Texas is a communal property state, any material change in your assets during the 30 days can cause the other spouse to question whether the property was owned before the divorce. This also gives time to rethink other issues, rather than moving on with their life.

It should be noted that there is a 60-day waiting period between filing for divorce and when a court can actually grant a divorce, making the waiting period between filing for divorce and remarriage 90 days.

In some situations, you can have the 30 day waiting period waived by a judge with the help of a Killeen divorce lawyer.


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