High-Assets Texas Divorce: An Even More Complicated Life-Altering Experience

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High-Assets Texas Divorce

No divorce is without complications and hardship, but a divorce involving high assets is even more difficult. Because the division of marital property is typically a divorcing couple’s primary concern (after child custody arrangements), high assets add an additional layer of complication. Ultimately, the greater your wealth, the more opaque your finances are likely to be and the more work it will be to calculate and implement an equitable distribution. If you are facing a high-finance divorce, you need an experienced Central Texas divorce attorney.

Property Division in Texas

Texas is a community property state, which means that the court will determine what is “just and right” when it comes to the division of your property and that this division will not necessarily be straight down the middle. This makes having an accurate representation of your marital assets and debts extremely important. Because amassing greater wealth is obviously a complicated endeavor, it is also more difficult to create a snapshot of your high-asset financials. For this reason, your dedicated divorce attorney will likely work with a forensic accountant to help ensure that your rights are well protected.

Understanding Your Finances

In a high-asset divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to have a much closer relationship with the family’s finances. If you are not closely attuned to your marital finances, it can put you at a distinct disadvantage; work closely with your divorce attorney from the outset. With greater marital property, it is critical that you begin working with an experienced divorce attorney at the outset. The fact is that the more complicated your finances are, the easier they are to obscure. Your financial future hinges upon your divorce settlement, which should accurately reflect your marital holdings. Make obtaining a nuanced understanding of your financials a top priority.

Tactics that Undermine

The fact is that divorce is fraught with emotion and stress, and sometimes divorcing individuals behave less than honorably. The emotional attachment some people have to money can also play a significant role in the divorce process. Even if you trust your divorcing spouse to be open, fair, and honest throughout, when high assets are involved, this can quickly change. By working closely with an experienced Central Texas divorce attorney from the outset, you will help safeguard your financial future and help ensure that you receive your just and right share of the marital holdings.

Staying the Course

Because divorce is so emotionally difficult, you may find yourself tempted to speed the process along by simply acquiescing to a settlement offer. This is rarely in your best interest. The finances involved in a high-asset divorce are nuanced, but your divorce attorney will aggressively advocate for the settlement to which you are entitled.

If You Are Facing a High-Asset Divorce, Consult with an Experienced Central Texas Divorce Attorney Today

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