Post-Divorce: What Now?

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Taking Care of Post-Divorce Details

Having your divorce finalized likely feels like a giant step forward, and it is. Do not, however, allow the relief that comes with this to stop you from taking care of the post-divorce details. Divorce is emotionally exhausting, and it is only natural to be overwhelmed by the process. Nevertheless, there are some post-divorce details that you should not neglect. You are beginning a bright new chapter in your life, and you want to move forward with confidence.

Your Taxes

Your divorce is final, and your filing status has probably changed. The tax implications of a divorce can be significant, and your experienced Central Texas attorney will have prepped you regarding how your new tax status will likely affect you and your children. After your divorce, you need to make the necessary changes on your tax documents at work. Make sure that these changes accurately reflect your legal filing status and your tax exemptions, which should have been determined in the divorce process.

Your Last Name

After a divorce, many women change their last names back to their maiden names, and if this is your situation, you have some important documents that you need to update. The judge granting your divorce can also grant your name change, but you must change your official documents accordingly. Such changes can include employment and tax documents, insurance policies, mortgages, credit cards, and more. Additionally, you will need to have a new Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport issued in your post-divorce name.

Your Marital Home

If one of you has taken over the mortgage of your marital home in the divorce, it is critical that the mortgage accurately reflect the change. If your name remains on the mortgage even though you no longer have ownership, you can be held responsible if your ex does not keep up with the terms. You do not want your name – or your spouse’s name – on any financial documents that are no longer applicable. This is a critical detail that you should attend to as soon after the divorce as you can.

Your Divorce Decree

You are recently divorced, and you have more than enough on your mind. Your dedicated Central Texas divorce attorney was with you throughout the divorce process, and he or she should ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as outlined by your decree. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

Divorce Is Complicated, but an Experienced Central Texas Family Law Attorney Can Help

Making it through the divorce process – and having your divorce finalized – is a daunting endeavor. Once you reach the end, however, there are several additional steps that you will need to take. Attorney Brett H. Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Central Texas is dedicated to helping ensure that you are well prepared to move past your divorce with confidence. Mr. Pritchard is here to help, so please contact or call us at (254) 220-4225 today.

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