The Most Common Mechanical Failures Related to Semi-Truck Accidents

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The Most Common Mechanical Failures Related to Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi accidents are among the most deadly, terrifying, and violent on our roadways. Sometimes these accidents are caused by mechanical failure, and some types of mechanical failure are more common than others. We share the roads with massive commercial trucks, and accidents happen. As such, it is important to better understand the common mechanical vulnerabilities of these vehicles.


Big rigs are obviously more complicated than the vehicles that most of us drive on a daily basis. Because they are more complicated, these trucks are more susceptible to any number of mechanical failures. It is important to recognize that mechanical failure can arise in the manufacturing process but that it can also be caused or exacerbated by inadequate maintenance, faulty mechanical work, and/or by a failure to make required regular checks. In other words, the negligence involved may be shared by more than one party.

The Most Common Mechanical Failures

Semi-trucks are commonly afflicted by several distinct types of mechanical failure:

  • Tires

Semi-trucks often have tires that blow out. We have all seen the telltale signs of black rubber strewn across the highway in testament to these failures. When an 18-wheeler has a blowout, it is a serious safety concern for everyone on the roadway. The massive size of commercial trucks makes them much more difficult to maneuver, and a blown tire not only affects the trucker's ability to control the vehicle but also alters the rig's center of gravity. If the truck driver is unable to gain control of the rig quickly, a serious accident is likely to ensue.

  • Braking System

Semi-trucks also have much more complicated braking systems that need to be checked and maintained on a regularly scheduled basis. When the brakes on an 18-wheeler fail outright or perform inadequately, the results can be disastrous.

  • Lighting System

Semis need to be very well lit in order to ensure that other drivers are aware of their presence. When a big rig’s lighting system is not working properly, other motorists are in danger of not seeing it in time to avoid a collision.

Whatever kind of mechanical failure caused you to be injured in a traffic accident, it is important to recognize that the truck manufacturer, the trucker, the trucking company, and the truck maintenance crew all play a critical role in keeping semi-trucks operating safely, and any one or more of them might share in the responsibility for the negligence that caused you to be injured.

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