Texas Summer Driving Risks

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Summer is upon us, and everyone is ready to be outside. While most of us equate winter with hazardous driving conditions, summer has its own brand of driving risks that you should be aware of. Familiarizing yourself with the risks associated with summer driving can help you and your family stay safe while still enjoying everything that the beautiful months of summer have to offer.

Highways Congested by Vacationers

There is no question that summer is vacation season, and this means there are more vacationers on our highways and byways. This translates into more congested roadways that are, thus, more dangerous. Additionally, vacationers typically are unfamiliar with the driving terrain and can engage in dangerous driving practices as a result – erratic lane changes, for example. Finally, increased traffic often leads to increased frustrations, which increases your risk of encountering an aggressive driver on the road. Build some additional time into your schedule to allow for the natural uptick in summer traffic.

Teen Drivers

Summer means that school is out and that, as a result, teens drivers are everywhere. Teen drivers are among the most dangerous drivers, and the more teen motorists on our roadways, the more dangerous our roads are for everyone. Be on the lookout for inexperienced and impulsive teen drivers in your midst.

Cyclists, Motorcyclists, and Pedestrians

Summer brings our more cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, and sharing the road safely with them is imperative. These individuals have much smaller profiles on the road and are, therefore, much more difficult to see. Make seeing walkers, motorcyclists, and bike riders one of your top safety priorities this summer.

Road Construction

Road construction is generally scheduled for summer months, and every driver knows exactly how time-consuming navigating road construction can be. Motorists who fail to adhere strictly to the rules of maneuvering road construction and maintenance work safely, endanger everyone with whom they share the road. Summer means more road construction, which leads to increased delays and potential driving hazards. Building extra time into your schedule and choosing routes that bypass road construction help.

Tire Blowouts

The intense heat of summer is harder on tires, and this makes them more prone to dangerous blowouts and other issues. Tires that are not well maintained in the first place are far more likely to cause problems. A sudden blowout at highway speeds endangers everyone on that highway. It is every driver’s responsibility to keep his or her vehicle in safe working condition, and maintaining one’s tires is part of this responsibility.

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