Winter Weather Can Lead to Dangerous Accidents

A car drives down an icy winter road.

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When you take your vehicle out on the road, you accept the immense responsibility of driving safely, and that includes adapting your driving to accommodate for the road’s condition. The fact is that winter weather often means slippery roads and decreased visibility that necessitate more cautious driving. The speed limits posted on our roadways are intended for ideal conditions, and when winter weather hits, drivers must adjust their speed accordingly.

Weather’s Effects on the Road

The Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program reports that weather plays a significant role in many dangerous traffic accidents. The precipitation, high winds, lower temperatures, and decreased visibility associated with winter weather can dangerously impede a motorist’s ability to drive safely. All drivers are charged with taking all necessary safety precautions every time they get behind the wheel, and this includes when they head out in bad weather.

The Road Weather Management Program’s statistics related to traffic accidents that were affected by the weather are compelling, and they include:

  • Of the nearly 6,000,000 traffic accidents that occur each year, almost 21 percent are related to the weather.
  • The overwhelming majority of these accidents occur when rain is falling or when the pavement is wet.
  • Nearly 5,000 people die in weather-related traffic accidents each year – and another 418,000 are injured.

When Visibility Is Suddenly Reduced

The weather can change in an instant, and bad weather often means reduced visibility. Motorists who are on the road at the time must adjust their driving accordingly. Heavy rain can reduce visibility to the distance of a few feet. Drivers who fail to safely address the sudden onset of lowered visibility and slick roadways endanger everyone with whom they share the road.

The Dangers of Ice

When a roadway is coated with ice, no one is confused about exactly how dangerous the situation is. Many drivers, however, fail to recognize just how dangerous an icy drizzle or light sheen of ice on the road can be. Further, the temperature does not have to dip below 32 degrees for ice to form. Cold, high winds can do the trick – and can leave some drivers traveling at speeds that simply are not safe for conditions on the ground. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that bridges and overpasses often ice up before roads do.

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When motorists fail to take winter weather into consideration, they jeopardize the safety of others. If you have been injured by such a driver, Attorney Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard – proudly serving Killeen, Texas – is here to help. Mr. Pritchard dedicates his legal experience to helping clients like you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled and that you need to make your most complete recovery. We are on your side, so please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at (254) 220-4225 today.

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