Electric Scooter Accidents Are on the Rise

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Electric scooters are popping up all around the country, and Texas is no exception. These rentable electric scooters are a fun and seemingly carefree way to get around, but it is important to recognize that dangerous scooter accidents happen and are on the rise. In some ways, electric scooters combine the safety disadvantages of being on foot (because scooter riders have no more means of bodily protection than pedestrians do) with the disadvantages of being on a bike (because scooter riders often move in and with traffic). If you opt for scooter travel, proceed with caution. In the event that you are injured in a scooter accident, be sure to contact a Killeen personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

The Electric Scooter’s Appeal

Electric scooters do have much to recommend them, including:

  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They are relatively inexpensive to rent.
  • They are extremely convenient to use.
  • They have a carefree feel that is reminiscent of childhood.
  • They are a relatively speedy way to get around the city.

People are taking to scooters in droves for all of these reasons and more.

Electric Scooters: The Inherent Dangers

In an interview with CNBC, an official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares that it has launched its first study into electric scooter accidents. The preliminary results of this study show that many scooter accidents do not involve other motorists and that most riders who were injured in scooter accidents were not wearing a protective helmet at the time. The fact is that scooters can be dangerous even when other vehicles are not part of the equation. Often, defects in the road, such as potholes or cracks, contribute to dangerous scooter accidents. Further, while the perception is that most scooter accidents happen at night, this simply is not true. Scooter accidents are just as prevalent in the day as they are at night.

Common Scooter Accident Injuries

Electric scooters can travel at about 15 miles per hour. Although this speed may not seem especially dangerous, if you are thrown from a scooter at 15 mph, you are likely to face significant injuries. Common scooter accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) – Traumatic brain injuries are caused by impact to the head, and they are not only exceedingly dangerous but are also extremely unpredictable.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries are painful injuries that are often slow to heal. These injuries can lead to chronic pain and a diminished ability to move freely. A serious spinal cord injury can leave the victim paralyzed below the accident site.
  • Broken Bones – A broken bone is a painful injury that is slow to heal. A broken bone that fails to heal adequately can lead to chronic pain and even permanent disability.

If Another Motorist Leaves You Injured in an Electric Scooter Accident, an Experienced Attorney Can Help

Electric scooter usage and accidents are increasing all over the U.S. In the unfortunate event that you are hurt in a scooter accident, Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, has the experience, dedication, and compassion to help you. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact or call us at (254) 220-4225 today.
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