COVID-19 Scams Are on the Rise


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COVID-19 Scams Are on the Rise

Scams tend to flourish during times of economic hardship and times of uncertainty. The current pandemic we find ourselves weathering encompasses both. People's natural fear of the unknown can leave them more vulnerable to scams, and scammers are well aware.

Be Skeptical

Texas officials urge state residents to remain vigilant in their resistance to fraud and to be skeptical regarding anything that strikes them as off. COVID-19 is a serious threat, and it is only natural to be extremely wary of this threat. However, there is no need for any of us to seek information or help outside of national venues (such as the CDC), state websites and information hotlines, and the personal counsel of medical professionals who provide us with care. In short, there is no reason for anyone to reach out to you with any offer that is related to the pandemic. If anyone does, you should be extremely skeptical.

Avoiding COVID-19-Related Scams

While scams can come in many forms, some of the most common COVID-19 scams include the following:

  • Any enticement that attempts to sell you a miracle cure, a treatment, or a test for COVID-19 is by its very nature a scam – because there are no such things available.

  • Any enticement or inquiry that asks for any personal information, including financial information, is a scam. Official entities will never contact you and ask for personal information. Never provide anyone with personal information unless you have instigated the encounter with an entity you know and trust.

  • You will never be required to pay a fee to the IRS or any other official entity to receive a stimulus payment (or any different kind of payment). These are scams.

  • Any entity that attempts to get you in on the ground floor of a hot cure-related stock is scamming you.

Such scams are so prevalent that governmental entities have already shut down hundreds of online commercial enterprises promoting fraudulent and unproven claims. Legal charges related to scams are severe and can lead to serious attendant penalties.

Make Good Choices

To help you avoid being scammed generally, always observe the following safety protocols:

  • Never open a link or attachment sent to you by someone you do not know or recognize.

  • Never provide personal information electronically or otherwise to someone or to an entity that you do not know.

  • Do not assume that charity organizations are legitimate. If you are not very familiar with the charity in question, check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Do not allow someone to pressure you into making a decision – always take your time and make critical decisions when you are well prepared to do so.

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