Motorcyclists Are More Vulnerable to Road Hazards

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If you ride, you almost certainly recognize that you are more vulnerable to accidents and serious injuries due to the fact that you are more difficult to see on the road and that there is no physical barrier between you and the impact of an accident. It is also, however, important to recognize exactly how dangerous road hazards can be and how vulnerable you are to them when you are on your bike.

Poorly Maintained Roads

Municipalities, towns, and other government entities are responsible for maintaining their roadways in the kind of reasonably safe condition that allows for the reasonably safe passage of motorists, including motorcyclists. Signs of poorly maintained roads include:

  • Potholes that are not tended to and/or that lack adequate warning

  • Cracked pavement

  • Ridged or rough pavement

  • Grooved pavement

  • Roadways that provide little traction due to wear and tear (or to anything else)

  • Sudden edge breaks

  • Sand or loose gravel left atop pavement

  • Lanes that are obstructed by low-hanging branches or views that are obstructed by vegetation

Because motorcycles have only two wheels, they are less safely tethered to the road and are, therefore, far more vulnerable to poorly maintained roadways.

Other Obstacles

Inadequate maintenance is not the only factor that leaves motorcyclists more susceptible to dangerous accidents. Sometimes, these dangers are a matter of the road’s design and/or function. Consider the following:

  • Roadways and intersections that are poorly lit

  • Inadequate or ineffective road signs, signals, and/or lights

  • Inadequate road drainage allows water to stand on the road, which is not only a slipping hazard but can also obscure other dangers

  • Curves that are poorly marked and/or regulated

  • Lack of (or inadequate) shoulders

  • Intersections that are poorly designed and/or inadequately regulated

  • Poorly delineated (or unmarked) lane shifts and turn lanes

Suffice to say that when roadways are not designed, built, and/or maintained safely, they can be the direct cause of life-threatening accidents, including motorcycle accidents.

Road Hazards Caused by Others

Sometimes road hazards are not a function of the road itself but instead are the result of other sources, such as other drivers or construction companies. Examples include:

  • When a motorist loses a trailer, the contents of a trailer, or anything else that he or she is hauling, it can lead to a deadly road-debris accident.

  • When a truck’s load spills on the roadway, the resulting chaos and debris can prove fatal (and motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to such accidents).

  • When a construction company fails to keep dangerous debris out of driving lanes, motorcyclists can pay the ultimate price.

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