Being Seen when You Are on Your Motorcycle

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Being Seen when You Are on Your Motorcycle

You have probably heard of or are familiar with Illinois’ campaign to Start Seeing Motorcycles. The campaign is predicated on the fact that, while motorcycles are more difficult to see on our roadways, motorists are – nevertheless – responsible for seeing and safely accommodating motorcyclists in their midst. If you ride, always do so with safety in mind and make being seen your top priority.

Driver Negligence Makes Being Seen More Difficult

You recognize that you are more difficult for other drivers to see when you are on your bike, but it is also important to take driver negligence into consideration. Driver negligence makes it even more likely that you will go unseen on the road – and leaves you that much more vulnerable. Such negligence can take any of the following deadly forms:

  • Distraction – A distracted driver is far less likely to see a motorcyclist on the road.

  • Impairment – Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs experience visual and response impairments that make them especially dangerous to motorcyclists.

  • Exhaustion – Drowsy drivers can be as dangerous as those who are impaired.

  • Excess Speed – When a driver is zipping along at excess speed, he or she has less time to adequately assess the traffic around him or her (including motorcycles) and to react safely.

When you are on your bike, do not lose sight of how important being seen by others really is.

Helping Other Drivers See You

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ensure that other motorists in your midst see you on your bike and share the road with you safely.

Proceed as if You Are Invisible

Proceeding as if you are invisible when you are on your bike is the best safety practice you can employ – because the sad truth is that, to many drivers, you are. Let this fact guide your decisions.

Always Use Your Lights

Most motorcyclists keep their lights on even when traveling during daylight hours. Flipping on your high beams during the day, however, can help even more. If it helps other drivers see you out there, it is well worth it.

Wear a Piece of Bright, Reflective Clothing

While your gear likely includes a good deal of black leather, always pop a piece of bright, reflective clothing on top. A reflective vest, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to being seen or going unnoticed on the road.

Make Safe Choices

Always position yourself where you are more likely to be seen on the road; never travel in another motorist’s blind spot; do not crowd other drivers; always use your blinkers (even if you think your intentions are obvious); make eye contact with other motorists before proceeding into an intersection, and generally, always remain on your best and safest behavior when you are on your bike.

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