Rehab and Your Drug and/or Alcohol Charges


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Many people are under the misguided belief that going to rehab when facing drug and/or alcohol charges is a sure-fire way to reduce their charges and/or reduce their potential sentence. While going to rehab when you are facing charges related to drugs and/or alcohol can be beneficial, it is not necessarily always the case. The best path forward is always to work closely with an experienced criminal lawyer and to carefully follow his or her counsel throughout the legal process.

Protecting Your Rights

The fact is that Texas has some of the harshest penalties for convictions related to drugs and alcohol, and doing everything you can to protect yourself is in your best interest. Voluntarily committing yourself to rehabilitation or drug and alcohol treatment immediately after being charged may do very little in relation to your charges and/or sentencing, but the possibility that it will is there. Your experienced attorney will help you establish your best strategy and will argue your commitment to immediately address the issue – via participation in rehabilitation – with the prosecution in an attempt to negotiate a reduction in charges or sentencing. When the judge and the prosecution recognize that you are ready and willing to attack the identified problem head-on, it can work in you and your case's favor.

Your Case

Getting yourself into rehab immediately is by no means a guarantee that you will face less serious charges or potential sentencing, but retaining a criminal lawyer with outstanding negotiating skills will certainly benefit you in your efforts to effect better terms. In addition to this attempt to scale back the charges you face, your criminal lawyer will build your strongest defense. Common defense strategies include:

  • You were not aware that you had the illegal drug in your possession.
  • The drug in question has been recently approved by the FDA for a new application.
  • The drug in question was not intended for human consumption.
  • The drug in question has been approved for investigational purposes, and your usage aligned with this exception.
  • The drug was prescribed to you by your doctor.
  • The marijuana you had on you is medical marijuana.
  • The drug you had in your possession was not in a sufficient amount to garner the harsh penalties you are facing.

Building your strongest defense and taking every action that can help your legal cause, including checking yourself into rehab, is always in your best interest.

If You Are Facing Drug or Alcohol Charges, an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing criminal charges related to drugs and/or alcohol, you need an experienced criminal lawyer on your side. Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen is a dedicated criminal lawyer who is committed to zealously advocating for your rights and for your case’s most positive outcome. We are here for you, so please do not hesitate to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 for more information today.

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