How a Texas DWI Conviction Can Affect Your Life

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A DWI conviction can have myriad negative consequences in your life, and some of them may be unexpected. While the stress and anxiety associated with such a charge leave many people ready to capitulate and bear the full burden of the consequences, this is generally not the best path forward. Officers who issue DWI citations are by no means infallible, and neither are the machines employed for testing those suspected of driving while impaired. If you are facing a DWI charge, it is in your best interest to fight the charge and to mitigate any ensuing consequences by working closely with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Your Career

Certain kinds of professional licensure can be affected by a DWI conviction. Further, your employer can generally use such a conviction to relieve you of your job if he or she so chooses. If you are looking for a job and your prospective employer checks your criminal record, a DWI conviction is not likely to help your chances of being hired. While it is difficult to know exactly how a DWI conviction will affect your career, suffice to say that it very well may.

Your Education Prospects

Schools are looking for students who will be successful in their educational endeavors, and they consider a wide range of variables in making their determinations. Every institution of higher learning implements its own acceptance policies, but a DWI conviction certainly is not going to help your prospects and could preclude you from being accepted.

Your Loan Applications

Loan officers do a wide range of checks on loan applicants to help ensure that they are a good bet when it comes to loaning them money. While most of these checks are focused on an individual’s financial history, a loan officer can also check your criminal record. A DWI conviction could be seen as an indication that your drinking might get in the way of your ability to successfully pay off your loan and may tip the balance against you.

Your Apartment Rental

If you need to rent an apartment or home, a DWI conviction can work against you. Many landlords do a background check as a matter of course, and some draw the line at DWIs and other criminal offenses. When a landlord looks for a prospective tenant, he or she is looking for all of the following:

  • Renters who are likely to pay their bills on time

  • Renters who are likely to respect the property itself

  • Renters who are not likely to be disruptive to other renters in the building

A DWI conviction can work against you on each of these counts.

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