Truck Rollovers: Why They Happen


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Truck accidents are obviously among the most deadly and terrifying accidents on our roads. When a truck, however, rolls over – either onto its side or onto its top – it takes things to the next level. Truck rollovers, however, happen, and they are often the result of driver error and negligence.

The Major Factors Involved

Trucks do not just happen to rollover. Instead, a variety of important factors can play a role, including:

  • The Trucker’s Speed – Speed plays a prominent role in many serious accidents, which is especially true of truck accidents. When a truck driver takes turns, curves, and exit ramps too quickly, a rollover can ensue. Because of their high centers-of-gravity and massive size and weight, truck drivers must make careful calculations every time they engage in such maneuvers. Further, excess speed makes any ensuing accident that much more dangerous.
  • The Trucker’s Overcorrection – We have all made miscalculations behind the wheel and have had to safely correct for those errors. A correction that is too abrupt or too intense can lead to a dangerous overcorrection, which is closely associated with deadly rollover accidents when a trucker has to correct for a driving miscalculation or error.
  • Loads that Are Poorly Distributed – Tractor-trailers are large vehicles with vast, empty shells in the back (when not loaded). When that tractor is loaded, it must be loaded in a way that evenly distributes the weight of the load, and that eliminates shifting. When a load is loaded sloppily or otherwise improperly, it can contribute to dangerous rollover accidents. Trucking companies are responsible for hiring well-qualified, experienced loading crews who ensure that their rigs are appropriately loaded, which means that the trucking company itself may shoulder the liability in such an accident.
  • The Trucker’s Negligence – Every driver on the road is responsible for driving safely. Truck drivers, however, are professional drivers who are held to even higher safety standards (for the very reason that they operate such potentially dangerous vehicles). Truck driver negligence often plays a critical role in rollovers. Such negligence can take the form of distraction (smartphones are especially prevalent and a dangerous distraction), exhaustion, impairment, or aggression. It is important to point out that trucking companies are also responsible for hiring safe drivers who do not push beyond necessary hours-of-service safety restrictions. In other words, the trucking company may play a contributive role in a rollover caused by a fatigued trucker.

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