Avoiding Common Probation Violations


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Avoiding Common Probation Violations

If you are on probation, it means that the court has given you a break on one level or another – and instead of sentencing you to time behind bars, it requires you to follow the terms of your probation (as delineated by the court). Ultimately, this means that the court found you worthy of some degree of leniency, and your end of the bargain involves adhering to the specific terms of your probation. However, the fact is that the terms of probation are often more challenging to comply with than they may seem.

Common Violations

The most common probation violations that people tend to commit – without even being aware of the fact – include:

  • Associating with Known Felons – The judge who grants you probation can prevent you from legally associating with known felons. This can include your significant other, your sibling, your best friend, your parent, or anyone else. Depending upon your circumstances, this can obviously make moving forward with your life far more difficult.

  • Crossing City, State, or National Boundaries – Most people understand that they are not allowed to leave the country while on probation, but what many do not understand is that they may also be prohibited from leaving the city or state. This requirement can be especially burdensome if you live near either border.

  • Failing to Pay Your Fines – Your probation is likely to include a bill that delineates all fines or restitution that you owe, and it is critical that you keep up with all associated payments. Failure to pay such fines tends to be far more consequential than neglecting to pay your electric bill on time.

  • Failing to Meet with Your Probation Officer – Your probation will almost certainly include mandatory meetings with your probation officer, and it is your responsibility to stay on top of these appointments. For example, if your probation officer is going to be out of town and reschedules a meeting with you, you do not have the luxury of forgetting about the schedule change and failing to show up for your rescheduled meeting. The same is true of court-ordered therapy, community service, and anything else.

  • Losing Your Job – Probation is often contingent upon maintaining a job, which means anything you do that could lead to negative attention on the job goes against your best interests.

  • Being around Illegal Drugs – You know that drug usage is in strict violation of probation. Still, you might not realize that simply being around someone else who is using drugs (including marijuana) could be all it takes to revoke your probation.

Do Not Wait to Consult with an Experienced Killeen Criminal Defense Lawyer

Probation can feel like a double-edged sword, but maintaining your freedom is obviously paramount. If you are facing a charge associated with a probation violation, attorney Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, has the legal skill, experience, and resources you need. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 254-501-4040 today.

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