Fall Means an Increase in Farm Equipment on Our Roads

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Fall Means an Increase in Farm Equipment on Our Roads

Fall is here, and along with the changing colors and cooler evenings come more farm implements on our roadways. These massive, awkward machines can present driving challenges, but becoming familiar with the safety basics can help you share the road with them more safely. If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone behind the wheel of farm machinery, you need an experienced personal injury attorney in Killeen on your side.

Best Safety Practices

Several safety specifics are important to closely adhere to whenever you encounter a farm implement on the road, including:

  • Slow Your Speed – Farm vehicles are not only immense but are also immensely awkward. They are not built to navigate well on our roads, but sometimes they must do so. As soon as you recognize that a piece of farm equipment is in your midst, it is time to slow down. It can be challenging to gauge exactly how slowly the farming goliath is going. It is very easy to approach more quickly than you expect. By slowing down right away, you allow yourself the time you need to assess the situation adequately. Remember, too, that farm vehicles require greater stopping distances, so it is vital to never squeeze in directly in front of a tractor.

  • Pass with Extreme Care – Farm vehicles are as awkwardly shaped as they are large, and it can be impossible to see what is ahead of them. Never pass a farm vehicle if you do not have a clear view of the road ahead or if you do not have a full lane in which to pass (farm equipment often requires more than a full lane). Further, never pass (any vehicle) in a no-passing zone, on a hill, or a curve. Sometimes, the best path forward is to cut your losses and wait until the farm machinery pulls off the roadway before getting back to highway speeds.

  • Leave Plenty of Space between Your Car and the Piece of Farm Equipment – The fact is that it is difficult to predict what the farmer is planning on doing. If you are directly behind the farm vehicle, it is that much more difficult. Always allow plenty of space between your car and a forward tractor to ensure that you maintain both a better view of oncoming traffic and a better idea of what the farmer may be planning. Remember, when a massive piece of farm equipment makes a turn, it is a significant endeavor that takes additional time and additional room on the roadway.

An Experienced Killeen Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you have been injured by a motorist behind the wheel of a farm implement, Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, is a dedicated personal injury attorney who has the experience, focus, and finesse to help successfully guide your claim toward a favorable resolution. To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 254-501-4040 today.

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