Innocent Jogger’s Arrest Highlights Need to Know Your Rights


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Innocent Jogger’s Arrest Highlights Need to Know Your Rights

Police conduct (and misconduct) has come under serious scrutiny all around the country recently, and Texas is no exception. A recent example in San Antonio highlights precisely how important it is to know your rights if the police stop you.

The Innocent Jogger

In this incident, a 33-year-old man was out jogging when the police stopped him. The man asserted his right not to answer any questions and told the police he was simply out for a run. As he continued to be questioned, the conversation became more heated. The police were investigating an assault, and even after the victim in question arrived on the scene and confirmed that the jogger was not her assailant, he was taken in the patrol car – and ultimately spent two nights behind bars (initially facing charges for resisting getting in the cruiser and for kicking the officers in the ensuing struggle). Knowing and exercising your rights in such situations is critical.

If You Are Stopped by the Police

If the police stop you, remember that you have rights and that you should exercise those rights – while remaining as calm as you possibly can. Keep all of the following in mind:

  • You have heard it before, but you do have the right to remain silent. If you choose to do so, you should tell the officer politely and calmly that you are exercising this right and then proceed to calmly and politely remain silent – even if the officer continues to question you. You are not required to answer any questions asked of you, and this includes inquiries related to your immigration status.

  • If you are arrested, you are required to identify yourself. Only supplying your name and providing the officer with any ID that you have on you will suffice.

  • Being stopped by the police would put anyone on high alert, but reminding yourself to remain calm and refrain from arguing can help you get through it with the least amount of upset. Things you should never do include running from, obstructing, or resisting an officer. Finally, keep your hands visible throughout the entire exchange.

  • Do not consent to a search of your vehicle, your belongings, or yourself. Deny your consent as calmly but assertively as you can at the moment. If the police have a warrant or a reasonable suspicion for doing so, however, they have the right to search, and you should not attempt to stop them.

Being stopped by the police is alarming. Knowing and exercising your rights calmly and confidently is the best path forward.

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