Johnson & Johnson Face Even Greater Scrutiny

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Johnson & Johnson Face Even Greater Scrutiny

Johnson & Johnson has traded on brand currency that relates directly to its close association with safety and reliability for decades. They built their vast empire on this reputation. However, as it turns out, their ambition may have overshot their commitment to customer safety – and they have been hit with recent mass torts that succinctly back this theory up.

Johnson & Johnson Took a Beating in 2019

Johnson & Johnson is a staple in drugstores and medical facilities throughout the nation, but they have come up against considerable scrutiny in recent years for a host of insufficiencies that focus on inadequate warning labels in response to serious risk factors. Consider the following:

  • After an 8 billion dollar jury verdict for the harmful effects of Risperdal (an FDA-approved medication for severe mental illnesses), J&J agreed to begin settling similar claims. The verdict amount was later reduced, but the writing – related to liability – was already on the wall.

  • J&J has been battered by multiple high-value verdicts for their talcum powders, which are alleged to contain cancer-causing asbestos. The company arguably made a name for itself on such products, and they have been called to task for not proactively identifying and warning consumers of their attendant risks.

  • J&J and a subsidiary have created a settlement fund related to defective hip implants that has reached the billion-dollar level.

Ultimately, the lawsuits hinge upon allegations that Johnson & Johnson failed to label these products with adequate warnings about the health risks involved – putting profits before people.

2020 Is Not Looking Much Better for J&J

Johnson & Johnson has not put its mass tort woes behind it in 2020. In fact, a new wave of claims related to Elmiron – a prescription medication made by a J&J subsidiary that has been closely associated with eye damage – is roiling. Again, the claims relate to inadequate warnings – a problem that Johnson & Johnson (and other companies like them) cannot seem to shake.

Better Warnings Could Save Lives

Whenever you see a print ad or commercial for a drug, you also see a long list of warnings that make you wonder if the cure is more dangerous than the condition. There is a good reason for this, and that is that the companies that make these drugs – and medical devices – are required to balance profitability with an ongoing commitment to consumer safety. When medical companies like J&J fail to take this duty of care seriously enough – or attempt to bypass it all together in some instances – their customers can pay the ultimate price.

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