Truck Accidents and Common Myths

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Truck Accidents and Common Myths

We share the road with massive semis, and knowing how to share the road with them safely is paramount. The fact is that many motorists harbor myths about these immense vehicles and their drivers, and dispelling these myths can help keep our roads safer for all who travel on them.

Myth 1: Truck Drivers Are Safer Drivers

People often imagine that, because truck drivers are professional drivers, they are safer drivers, but this is not necessarily the case. Truck drivers are just as prone to engaging in negligent driving practices as anyone else is, including all of the following:

  • Driving while distracted

  • Driving while impaired

  • Driving aggressively

  • Speeding excessively

  • Driving while drowsy

Do not assume that the trucker behind the wheel of that massive rig barreling down the road will always make the safest choices.

Myth 2: Trucking Companies Are Immune from Liability

Many motorists assume that the trucking company itself is immune from liability when trucking accidents happen, but this could not be further from the truth. Trucking companies bear a significant amount of responsibility that includes:

  • Hiring a safe, experienced truck driver who has the appropriate licensure

  • Hiring experienced and skilled mechanics to work on their rigs

  • Maintaining a safely running fleet

  • Implementing exacting maintenance schedules and safety checks

  • Not pushing truckers beyond the safety parameters set forward in federal and state hours-of-service restrictions

Even when a trucking company has identified an at-fault truck driver as an independent contractor, it does not necessarily mean that this is true.

Myth 3: Truckers Do Not Need as Much Sleep to Drive Safely

We are all familiar with the trope of the overly caffeinated trucker who puts in endless hours behind the wheel. However, the fact is that drowsy truckers are just as dangerous as any other drowsy driver – and they can be more so. The effects of exhaustion can be very similar to impairment, and fatigued truck drivers leave our roadways more dangerous for all who travel on them. No one is immune to the need for sleep, and just because a truck driver is used to getting too little sleep does not mean that he or she is better at it than anyone else is. Strict hours-of-service restrictions are in place for this very reason.

Myth 4: Trucking Companies and Their Insurance Providers Make it Impossible to Obtain Compensation

Many accident victims are under the misguided belief that it is impossible to obtain just compensation from a trucking company, but this is not the case. However, you indeed have a far better chance of getting the compensation you could be entitled to when you work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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