Community Supervision in the State of Texas


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Community Supervision in the State of Texas

Whether you are on probation or parole in the State of Texas, it is a form of community supervision, and a violation of your terms can land you in jail – or with extended terms. In other words, it is something that is best avoided (at all costs). Better understanding how community supervision in the State of Texas works can help you stay on the right side of the law.

Why Community Supervision?

Community supervision is another name for community corrections, and it refers to the programs that help supervise those who are accused of crimes but who remain in (or are returned to) the community. This community supervision is intended to replace the need to be detained in a correctional facility, and the two most common forms of this supervision include probation and parole.


Probation is a form of supervision that is intended to replace incarceration. When the accused is found guilty of the charges levied and is subsequently sentenced for it, the judge will sometimes sentence probation in lieu of a jail sentence, and the defendant must accept and adhere to the conditions therein. There are two types of probation that include:

  • Active supervision, which requires you to meet regularly with a probation officer and can include harsh conditions that can inactivate your probation if you fail to adhere to them

  • Inactive supervision, which is far less rigorous and basically requires you to mind your legal p’s and q’s


Parole is a unique form of probation that is designed for those who have already served part of their sentence in jail or prison and who are subsequently released on parole. Those who are released on parole serve the remainder of their sentences in the community (rather than behind bars). The conditions of parole, however, tend to be quite strict, and any violation of these conditions can return the parolee to prison (and the original prison sentence) – or to extended parole terms.

Probation: Common Terms

The court has considerable discretion when it comes to handing down terms of probation, and the factors that tend to influence its decisions include:

  • The severity and nature of the crime in question

  • The defendant’s criminal history (if any)

  • Whether a sentence of probation endangers the community at large

The conditions of probation can also be quite varied but tend to include:

  • Paying associated fees and court costs

  • Meeting regularly with one’s probation officer

  • Steering clear of criminal associates and criminal activities

  • Completing treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction

  • Not leaving the county without permission to do so

  • Being randomly tested for alcohol and/or drugs

  • Paying restitution to one’s victims

  • Performing community service

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