5 Tips for Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You

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If you are facing a criminal charge, you owe it yourself and to your future to work closely with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Finding a criminal defense attorney who is a good fit for you, however, can be a complicated process if you are not sure what to look for. The following five tips can help. 

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One: Recognize that You Really Do Need an Attorney

You are facing a criminal charge, and you may be wondering if hiring a criminal defense lawyer is really necessary. The most important point to make here is that, yes, having a dedicated criminal defense lawyer in your corner is important for wide-ranging reasons that include:

  • Compiling your strongest claim

  • Skillfully negotiating with the insurance company for the compensation to which you are entitled

  • Keeping your claim on track and moving forward toward litigation if the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith

Two: Look for a Criminal Defense Attorney with Relevant Experience

If the charge you face is highly specific, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney who has considerable experience in the same area of the law. While no two criminal charges ever involve exactly the same circumstance, it is important that your criminal defense attorney has an impressive track record of guiding cases like yours toward beneficial resolutions.

Three: Qualities to Look For

In your quest to find the right criminal defense lawyer for you, look for the following:

  • A criminal defense attorney with whom you are comfortable sharing sensitive information (Your Criminal Defense and Attorney-Client Privilege)

  • A criminal defense attorney who is available to you when you need him or her

  • A criminal defense attorney who demonstrates that he or she puts your best interests first

  • A criminal defense attorney who takes the initiative in guiding your case toward an optimal outcome (within the parameters that you set)

  • A criminal defense attorney who is transparent about the legal costs involved

Four: Keep Things Local

Your case’s jurisdiction can play a surprisingly significant role in its resolution. You need a dedicated criminal defense attorney in your corner who is well acquainted with the local court – and has fostered the relationships and connections that come with this. Knowing his or her way around the court in which your case is being tried can go a long way toward helping you obtain a beneficial outcome.

Five: Check the Online Testimonials

If you need a tiebreaker, the testimonials for both the firm and the attorney you are considering can prove useful. Reading the stories of other clients who have been in similar situations can provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for, and if it does not, it might be time to keep looking.

It Is Time to Consult with an Experienced Killeen Criminal Defense Attorney

Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, is a hard-working Killeen criminal defense attorney who knows his way around local courthouses and courtrooms and is well prepared to use this valuable working knowledge to your benefit. Your case is important, so please do not hesitate togive us a call at 254-501-4040 or contact us today.


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