Sexual Offense Charges in Texas

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Charges that are based on sexual offenses are generally more serious charges than their counterparts that are not sexually based. For example, an assault charge is serious, but a sexual assault charge carries the additional social stigma of being sexually based and can land you on the sex offender registry if you are convicted. As such, having a better understanding of which offenses are identified as sexual offenses is important. (You May Be Able to Remove Yourself from the Texas Sex Offender Registry)

Common Sexual Offenses

In the State of Texas, there are wide-ranging charges that fall under the umbrella of sexual offenses.

Improper Teacher/Student Relationship

When a teacher has sexual contact with a student enrolled in the elementary or secondary school (regardless of age) where he or she teaches, it is called an improper teacher/student relationship, and it is a sexual offense.

Invasive Video Recording

Invasive video recording refers to either capturing photographic material that contains sexual acts and/or exposes intimate body parts or threatening to disclose photographic material that contains sexual acts and/or exposes intimate body parts without consent to do so by the person depicted therein.

Indecent Exposure

When a person exposes his or her private parts – with the intention of gratifying his or her own sexual desire or arousing someone else’s sexual desire – with reckless disregard for whether those present will be offended, it is the sexual offense of indecent exposure. (Read more: Indecent Exposure Is a Crime)


An individual engages in obscenity when he or she participates in obscene performances or either promotes or distributes obscene material.

Possession of Child Pornography

The sexual offense of possession of child pornography refers to when an individual knowingly or intentionally possesses visual material that depicts a child engaging in any sexual conduct.


When an individual solicits sexual conduct publicly, engages in sexual contact for a fee, or promotes these acts, it amounts to the sexual offense of prostitution. (Related: Texas’s 2019 Online Prostitution Laws)

Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault

Actively and intentionally engaging in sexual conduct with someone else without their consent is the sexual offense of sexual assault. When bodily injury and/or threats or attempts to cause bodily injury are thrown in, the charge is elevated to aggravated sexual assault.

Sexual Offenses against Minors

There is a wide range of charges related to sexual offenses against minors, including:

  • Aggravated kidnapping with intent to sexually violate a minor

  • Burglary with intent to commit a sexual offense against a minor

  • Employment harmful to a minor under 18 years old in a sexually oriented commercial enterprise

  • Indecency with a minor

  • Sale, distribution, or display of sexually explicit material to a minor

  • Sex trafficking or compelling prostitution of a minor

  • Sexual assault of aggravated sexual assault of a minor

  • Sexual performance by a minor under 18 years old

(Read more: Sexual Assault Awareness)

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