The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

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You understand that a criminal conviction is going to set you back in terms of the possibility of spending time behind bars and paying exorbitant fines. You may not recognize, however, how seriously a conviction can set you back in terms of your social standing and your ability to move forward into a promising future. The full impact of a criminal conviction on your future can be difficult to overcome, which makes working closely with a dedicated criminal attorney well advised if you are facing a criminal charge in the State of Texas.

Your Career

If you have a felony conviction on your record, it can make obtaining a new job exceptionally difficult. The fact is that your conviction is a matter of public record, and employers may be hesitant to hire an applicant with a conviction on his or her record. Further, there are a number of professional careers for which state boards require that all applicants be of sound moral character, and as such – depending upon the nature of your conviction – you could lose your licensure (or be barred from obtaining licensure in the first place). Some of these professions include:

  • Real estate agents

  • Lawyers

  • Doctors

All told, a criminal conviction can lead to a significant downturn in your social standing, for which the negative consequences are difficult to adequately measure.

Your Housing

With a criminal conviction on your record, you can have a hard time finding someone who will rent a house or apartment to you. Further, obtaining a loan to purchase a home can be similarly difficult.

Your Education

Furthering your education can be an important step toward advancing your career and improving your future, but a criminal conviction can thwart these plans in all of the following ways:

  • You will be barred from receiving federal student loans (where the bulk of student loans originate).

  • Your chances of being accepted into the school of your choice may be seriously affected.

  • You may be barred from living on campus.

Your Rights Will Also Be Affected

In addition to the losses outlined, you will lose some of your basic constitutional rights that you may take for granted, including:

  • You will no longer have the basic right to purchase a gun or to own a gun, and if you are found in possession of a firearm, you could face further criminal penalties.

  • You will no longer have the right to vote in elections at the state or federal level in the State of Texas.

  • You will no longer have the right to serve on a jury.

Suffice to say that having a criminal conviction on your record can affect your life in ways you probably have not considered – but that you probably should.

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