In Texas, There Is a Long List of Fraud Charges

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The charge of fraud is very serious, and a conviction can leave you looking at very difficult consequences that include time behind bars. Many fraud charges in the State of Texas are prosecuted as felonies, which makes the matter that much more challenging.

The Most Common Fraud Charges

There are a full 22 fraudulent acts covered under Texas law, but some are more common than others.


Forgery refers to the act of altering, manufacturing, authenticating, or executing any written document or work as if you were its legitimate author or creator (who did not authorize you to do so in the first place); the act of altering, manufacturing, authenticating, or executing any written document or work at a time or place or in a number series that it was not; or the act of copying an original when no such original exists.

Issuance of a Bad Check

Deliberately writing a check that you know to be bad (lacking sufficient funds in the account) can lead to the charge of issuance of a bad check (or to a charge of theft by check).

Trademark Counterfeiting

Trademark counterfeiting is the act of deliberately using a counterfeit trademark. Counterfeit trademarks are the hallmark of false merchandise, and those fake designer bags that you can buy off the streets are a fine example.

Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse

When you knowingly use a credit card that is falsified, expired, or canceled, it amounts to credit card abuse. This charge also covers the sale and purchase of falsified and/or stolen cards. (Read more: The Courts Take Credit Card Fraud Very Seriously)

False Statements to Obtain Property or Credit

The act of intentionally or knowingly making misleading or blatantly false written claims in order to obtain credit or property for yourself or someone else can land you with a charge of false statements to obtain property or credit. A prime example is lying on an application for credit.

Fraudulent Transfer of a Motor Vehicle

When someone transfers the title of a motor vehicle to someone else in an attempt to defraud the vehicle's new owner in relation to a security interest held on the vehicle, it is known as the fraudulent transfer of a motor vehicle.

Deceptive Business Practices

Engaging in business dealings that are intended to deceive someone else amounts to the crime of deceptive business practices. Examples include the following:

  • Exaggerating a contestant’s chances of winning a lottery or contest

  • Selling mislabeled consumer goods

  • Selling adulterated consumer goods

This is distinct from theft crimes in which money is exchanged but the goods and/or services are not forthcoming.

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