Attorney Pritchard Sues City of Killeen for Unconstitutional Use of Red Light Cameras

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Last month, Attorney Brett H. Pritchard filed a petition against the city of Killeen, claiming the city’s red light cameras are unconstitutional. The petition, which comes after the attorney received his own red light camera ticket in the mail a few months back, is not the first of its kind. In fact, issues with the state’s red light program have been ongoing.

On March 29, 2017, the Texas Senate approved a bill that would ban the use of red light cameras throughout the state. This is the second time in recent years the Senate has voted in favor of a red light camera ban; however, both times, the measures have not been passed by the Texas House. Given the estimated $3 million the city has earned from red light tickets since the program was enforced in 2008, it’s easy to guess why.

By taking legal action, Pritchard hopes to shed light on the inherent flaws of the system. As he points out, it’s not about the ticket itself; it’s about the underlying issues associated with the program – issues that far too many residents of Killeen have experienced.

“It violates my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and it violates the Sixth Amendment right to cross examine witnesses.”- Attorney Brett H. Pritchard

The city has declined to comment on the pending litigation. However, we will continue to keep our blog updated with any news and / or decisions regarding the matter. For immediate legal help from an attorney at our office, call (254) 220-4225.

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