Medical Malpractice: What to Do When Injured by a Doctor

medical malpractice

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Were You Injured by Your Healthcare Provider’s Medical Malpractice?

You seek medical care when you are ill or injured and at your most vulnerable. You trust the attending medical professionals to provide you with the care you need to help you follow the path back toward health. If your healthcare provider ends up injuring you further – rather than helping you – it is an extremely difficult situation. After all, you trusted your healthcare providers to live up to their professional responsibilities, and their failure to do so has left your health in jeopardy.

If you have been injured by the negligence of a healthcare professional, consult with experienced legal counsel today. To schedule a free consultation with a Central Texas medical malpractice lawyer, call our office today at (254) 220-4225.

Medical Malpractice Happens

When you are in need of medical care, you place a good deal of trust in the medical professionals who attend to you. It is important to recognize, however, that medical malpractice does happen. In fact, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement shares that 21 percent of the people queried in a comprehensive 2017 survey reported having been injured by a medical error. Such errors can lead to devastating health consequences and should never be ignored.

Common Categories of Medical Malpractice

While every medical malpractice claim is unique to its own set of circumstances, there are several common categories:

  • Medication Errors

Errors in medication are among the most common types of medical malpractice. If you are sick or injured, medication can play an important role in the healing process. If you are prescribed a medication that you do not need, you are unnecessarily subjected to potentially negative side effects and are robbed of the healing benefits of the medication you should have been prescribed.

  • Diagnostic Errors

In order to receive the medical care you need, your healthcare provider must diagnose your condition accurately. If your doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition or diagnoses you with one you do not have, you miss out on the opportunity to receive the prompt treatment that you need. Additionally, you may are forced to endure treatment for a diagnosis that does not apply. Because prognosis is so closely associated with timely and accurate diagnosis, diagnostic errors are especially dangerous.

  • Surgical Errors

Errors related to surgery are among the most dangerous and devastating forms of medical malpractice. Such injuries can come in a variety of forms, including operating on the wrong patient, performing the wrong surgery, performing surgery on the wrong limb, administering anesthesia incorrectly, and more.

If you have been injured by a healthcare provider’s malpractice, you need experienced legal counsel, as you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

If You Are the Victim of Medical Malpractice, Consult with an Experienced Central Texas Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Incidents of medical malpractice are especially difficult, but the experienced legal team at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Central Texas has the skill, knowledge, and acumen to help guide your claim toward its most positive resolution. Your health is your most valuable asset, and your rightful compensation matters. We are here to help, so please contact or call us at (254) 220-4225 today.


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