The Preventative Measures Built Into Your Car

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Your Car’s Safety Features Might Surprise You

If you have not purchased a new car in a few years and you find yourself with a newer model, you may well be surprised by the number and sophistication of your vehicle's safety features. When you get behind the wheel of your car, driving safely should always be your primary concern, and the continued advancement of modern safety features can help.

Back-Up Camera

Car manufacturers continue to improve their vehicles’ back-up cameras, which are intended to help drivers see behind them as they move their vehicles backward. While your back-up camera can help improve your view, it is important to recognize that these cameras are not foolproof and that a camera can never replace looking with your own eyes.

Antilock Braking System

Car manufacturers also continue to improve their cars' antilock braking systems (ABSs), which are designed to help you keep control of your vehicle through emergencies more safely by helping your tires retain traction in bad driving conditions. It is important to understand, however, that your ABS may not shorten your stopping distance and that it may cause your brake pedal to push back or shudder when engaged. The idea behind ABSs is to prevent your wheels from locking during braking, and to engage them all you have to do is apply firm, even pressure to your brake pedal and steer normally.

Blind-Spot Monitor

The blind-spot monitor is another safety mechanism that provides drivers with more information about their surroundings. Your car’s monitor will warn you when another vehicle is passing through one of your car’s blind spots and, depending on the model, may warn you that it is unsafe to change lanes (when you indicate your intent with your blinker). Again, the blind-spot monitor is meant to be an aid that should never replace looking over your shoulder to check traffic before proceeding with caution.

Automatic Emergency Braking System

If you fail to respond safely to traffic that brakes ahead of you and you have an automatic emergency braking system, it will apply the brakes for you automatically (in an urgent situation). This is obviously meant for emergency situations only, and while it may not stop you from rear-ending another car, it could help lessen the ensuing damage.

Driving Safely Begins with You

When it comes to driving safely, the onus is on you. While safety features can help, they are intended to augment your own vigilance and not to replace it.

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