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Will Your Divorce End in Drama?

If you are facing a divorce, the last thing you want is additional drama. Unfortunately, even those divorces where both spouses are determined to proceed amicably can devolve into divorce theatrics. The fact is that divorce is often overwhelming, and you are only human. The number one factor that is most likely to cause divorce fireworks is, naturally, child custody arrangements. If you and your divorcing spouse are unable to come to mutually acceptable terms, it is time to consult with an experienced Central Texas family law attorney.

Your Children’s Best Interests

You put your children’s best interests first every time, and the court is similarly charged. The problem is that the court can never know your children the way you do, and the court’s determination of what is best for your children may not coincide with your own. Even if you and your spouse are at odds regarding custody arrangements, you are nearly always better off hammering out the details between you – rather than allowing the court to do it for you. Under the guidance of your respective family law attorneys and with the aid of legal tools such as mediation, you may be able to find common ground and to avoid court altogether.

Proceeding to Court

Due to the element of the unknown imposed, proceeding to court is typically the option that is most fraught with drama. When your children’s welfare is at stake and an unknown entity is tasked with determining the outcome, the stress can be overwhelming. If your child custody case is headed toward court, it is important to recognize that the judge will likely look at your situation through a highly specific lens:

  • Each of your relationships with your children

  • Each of your abilities to provide your children with stability, care, and attention

  • Each of your abilities to continue to provide opportunities for your children into the future

  • Your family history

If your spouse wants to play dirty, court is an opportunity to take cheap shots at you, and things can become very personal very quickly. Proceed with caution, however. The court does not appreciate personal attacks, and will almost certainly see through your soon-to-be ex’s ploy.

Likely Outcomes

If you have always served the role of the primary custodial parent, it is important to recognize that the court is unlikely to fundamentally alter this arrangement. While the judge may be more generous with your spouse’s visitation schedule than you would like, it can help to remember that your children are best served when they are allowed to spend ample time with both of you. Keeping all of this in mind can help mitigate any drama that arises from your divorce proceedings.

Help Mitigate Divorce Drama by Consulting with an Experienced Central Texas Family Law Attorney Today

Divorce is often overwhelming, and if you are facing seemingly irreconcilable child custody issues, it can be that much more so. Divorce drama can ensue, but experienced Central Texas family law attorney, Brett H. Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard, has the commitment, skill, and compassion to help tone down the drama in your case while championing you and your children. For more information, please contact or call us at (254) 220-4225 today.
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