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Divorce is a complicated legal process combined with an emotional journey, and the last thing most people want to do is make it take longer than it needs to. Sometimes, however, a divorcing spouse will engage in stalling tactics. Whatever your spouse’s motivation for slowing down the process happens to be, an experienced divorce attorney can help you effectively and efficiently move your case forward.

Refusing to Sign the Paperwork

If you and your divorcing spouse managed to hammer out divorce terms that you could both live with, but he or she still has not signed the Final Decree of Divorce, it may be a stalling tactic. Facing the finality of divorce can be extremely difficult, and while one spouse’s failure to sign may be indicative of forestalling the inevitable, another’s may be a form of game playing. You may need to have your spouse served, and your dedicated divorce attorney will help you get to the bottom of the matter.

Avoiding Service

Whether you are having your soon-to-be-ex served with divorce papers, your final decree, or anything, he or she will need to accept service in order for the divorce process to proceed. Some spouse, however, will go to great lengths to avoid such service, including:

  • Not answering the door for service delivery

  • Avoiding one’s residence and/or workplace (or slipping out when service delivery is attempted)

  • Having someone else relay one’s absence from home or work (while actually present)

  • Not identifying oneself as the person being served

People can become very creative when they do not want to be served, but if the matter becomes an issue in your case, an experienced divorce lawyer knows how to have an alternative service method ordered by the court.

Frequent Reschedules

If your divorcing spouse frequently reschedules legal proceedings, it could be a means of stalling. While life certainly intervenes, and it is not unusual to need to reschedule a thing or two, if your soon-to-be-ex is making a habit out of it, it could be an issue. Last-minute changes and cancellations can be not only costly and time-consuming but can also make your divorce drag on for an inordinate amount of time. The court can be asked to intervene if necessary.

Failure to Respond to Discovery Appropriately

During the divorce process, both sides request evidence and information from each other (including financial records and other pertinent documentation) that is known as discovery. There are strict time frames in place that guide this process. If your divorcing spouse fails to provide timely, accurate, and/or complete discovery, it can be more than simply a means of slowing down the process, and serious legal consequences can apply.

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