Sexual Offenses in Texas

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Sex crimes are obviously some of the most stigmatized and harshly penalized crimes in our nation, and the State of Texas is no exception. In fact, sex crimes are in a class of their own, and a conviction can end in being permanently listed on the sex offender registry. As such, it is important to know more about which offenses qualify as sex crimes in Texas. (Learn more: How Long a Conviction Will Keep You on the Texas Sex Offender Registry)

Sex Crimes in the State of Texas

Texas classifies many offenses as sexual offenses, including the following:

  • Indecent Exposure – When a person exposes himself or herself with the intention of sexual gratification – for anyone – and does so with reckless disregard for others in his or her presence, it is considered indecent exposure.

  • Prohibited Sexual Conduct – Prohibited sexual conduct is the act of engaging in sexual contact with a relative, ancestor, or descendant.

  • Prostitution – Prostitution refers to a person who publicly solicits sexual interaction or who engages in sexual interaction for money. (Read more: Texas’s 2019 Online Prostitution Laws)

  • Improper Teacher/Student Relationship – When a primary or secondary school teacher has sexual contact with a student, it is known – for obvious reasons – as an improper teacher/student relationship.

  • Sexual Assault – Sexual assault refers to a person who intentionally engages in a sex act with someone else without that person’s consent. (Click here to read more about sexual assault)

  • Aggravated Sexual Assault – When a sexual assault involves bodily injury – or threats or attempts on the victim’s life – it is classified as aggravated sexual assault.

  • Possession of Child Pornography – When a person knowingly and purposefully possesses any visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity, it qualifies as possession of child pornography. (Selfies Can Qualify as Child Pornography)

  • Sexual Offenses Against Minors – There is a fairly lengthy list of sexual offenses against minors that includes aggravated kidnapping with intent to sexually violate a minor, indecency with a minor, sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault, burglary with an intent to commit sexual offense, sex trafficking or compelling prostitution, sexual performance by a minor under the age of 18, and many more.

Your Sexual Offense Case

If you are facing sexual offense charges in Texas, it is important to know that you face serious potential consequences, including time behind bars and a requirement to remain registered as a sex offender, which has serious societal implications and could be permanent. In fact, Texas’s registry requirements can be even stricter than federal requirements. In other words, if you have been charged with a sexual offense, it is in your best interest to retain the professional legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer sooner rather than later.

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