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We have all heard a lot about co-parenting lately, but is it just another buzzword with no real meaning behind it, or is there more to it? If you are going through a divorce that involves children – or have recently divorced – your children's continued health, happiness, and well-being are naturally your primary concern. The term co-parenting is bandied about a lot, but it does actually stand for an important theme that can help you and your children move forward post-divorce. Let's take a closer look.

How Is Co-Parenting Different than Parenting?

Parenting is all about working together to give your children the care, discipline, guidance, and love they need. When parents divorce, these fundamental goals do not change, so perhaps the term co-parenting is redundant. While the word parenting should suffice, the word co-parenting helps emphasize the fact that it is important to come together as post-divorce parents in the best ways you can for the sake of your children. The fact is, however, that cooperating as parents after a divorce can also help you build a healthier post-divorce relationship with your ex.

Co-Parenting after an Especially Acrimonious Divorce

Effective co-parenting probably seems far more feasible after an amicable divorce than it does after an acrimonious divorce. However, there are some basic facts that apply to every parent/child relationship (except for under the most extreme circumstances) that you should always keep in mind. These include:

  • Children fare best when they develop deep, intimate relationships with both their parents.

  • Children love both their parents and want to spend time with both of them.

  • Children become anxious when they are required to choose one parent over the other.

In other words, it is in your children’s best interests for you to encourage them to continue to have a warm, loving relationship with their other parent. Because your children’s well-being is your primary concern, it should help you find it within yourself to forge a path forward that allows you to engage in effective co-parenting. After all, you can be as personally angry with your ex as you want, but your efforts to improve your co-parenting is for your kids.

No Two Examples of Co-Parenting are the Same

You and your ex’s co-parenting does not have to look like anyone else’s. If you simply cannot be in the same room together, make your plans via text or email and remain true to your word. Whatever works for you, your ex, and your children is a viable co-parenting plan. There is no need to let perfect be the enemy of good on this one.

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