Car Seats, Boosters, and Seat Belts: Keeping Your Kids Safe

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Car Seats, Boosters, and Seat Belts: Keeping Your Kids Safe

Car accidents are dangerous accidents that often leave children seriously injured. The fact is that car seats, booster seats, and seat belts – when used properly – can all help save children’s lives.

Car Seat and Boosters

Children are always safest in the backseat, and Texas prioritizes the safety of children by mandating the following:

  • All children who are not yet five and who have not yet reached the height of 36 inches must ride in the back seat while fastened securely into a car seat that is safely secured, and that is the appropriate size for the child's weight and height.

  • Babies must be securely fastened in rear-facing car seats that are safely secured to their vehicles.

  • As children grow, their safety needs evolve, and parents are responsible for ensuring that the car seats they ride in are the correct size for their current heights and weights.

  • Once children weigh more than 40 pounds but are not taller 4’9”, they can safely transition to booster seats that are used in conjunction with the seat belts in vehicles.

Keeping your child safe every time you go out on the road is an important goal. As such, there are some safety basics that you should always keep in mind, including:

  • The car seat or booster must be the correct size for your child, must be in good working order, must be securely fastened to the car’s seat, and must hold your child securely.

  • Until your child outgrows the need for a car seat or booster seat, he or she must be securely fastened into one every single time he or she rides in a vehicle.

  • If your children ride with other drivers, you must provide those drivers with appropriate car seats and/or booster seats for your children.

  • When installing a car seat or booster seat in your vehicle – or in anyone else’s – always carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model.

  • Remain on the lookout for car seat and booster recalls – yours could have a manufacturer defect that you need to be aware of.

Growing into a Seat Belt

Once your child reaches 4’9”, he or she is too large for a booster and must transition to your vehicle's lap-and-shoulder seat belt. If your child is not yet 13, he or she is not safe in the front seat of any vehicle with airbags.

You Need an Experienced Killeen Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

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