COVID-19 and Childcare Issues


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COVID-19 and Childcare Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic had changed every aspect of our lives – from the mundane to the significant. While many of us are returning to work at the office, many others are still attempting to work from home. If you are a divorced parent with primary custody of your children, you may be facing a significant hurdle regarding how you will work and care for your children as the prospect of returning to school continues to look dim. To explore your best options, consult with an experienced Killeen family law attorney today.

You and Your Ex

The fact is that nearly everyone is facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic, and it is very likely that your ex is also feeling the economic pinch, so merely paying for additional childcare may not be a financially healthy option. Getting together with your children's other parent and brainstorming about ways to ensure that your shared children are supervised – whether during home-school hours or free time – may prove more fruitful than expected. After all, you both want what is best for your children, including ensuring that they are well-cared for and supervised. You may come up with a surprisingly creative alternative that suits everyone's needs.

The Variables Involved

Very few of us have not experienced some kind of change in our daily schedules, and as we move closer to the school year, things could get even more complicated. All of the following variables can make cobbling together a viable childcare schedule demanding at best:

  • The biggest dilemma is not knowing when – or even if – your children will be returning to school this year (not to mention what their school schedules will look like if they do return). If your kids are most likely staying home – as a matter of choice or because of the school itself – you will have a lot of hours to cover (and this likely includes supervising their school efforts).

  • Your work schedule also plays a role. You may have been working from home. You might meanwhile be expecting to transition back to the office. Some are still experiencing a furlough, being let go, looking for a new position, or experiencing any other work situation. You will need to balance your work needs with your childcare needs, and it can be quite a puzzle.

  • Your children's other parent's work schedule also plays a determinative role, making the puzzle even more complicated.

An Experienced Killeen Family Law Attorney Can Help

If you and your ex cannot reach a consensus that makes sense for you and supports your children’s best interests and your family’s health, Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, can help you find the best path forward. Mr. Pritchard is a dedicated family law attorney who is proud to help clients like you find the legal answers they need, so please do not hesitate to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 for more information today.

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