The Pandemic and Divorce


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The Pandemic and Divorce

The COVID-19 pandemic has made our lives more stressful on nearly every level. When you add the components of social distancing, working from home, and online learning to the mix, it makes it difficult to fully appreciate the effects this global pandemic has had on our lives. Social scientists and other experts on the matter agree that we are likely to experience a pronounced uptick in divorces as a result.

Financial Consequences

Once we began to experience the full effects of the coronavirus, our lives changed very quickly. Still, some of the most immediate consequences were financial, including all of the following:

  • Job furloughs

  • Layoffs

  • Reduced pay

  • Lost jobs (some of which will likely never return)

In addition to these upsets, many people had to abruptly begin working from home, which comes with unique stressors. Financial difficulties, it is important to note, are very closely associated with an increased probability of divorce.

The Education System

The threat of COVID-19 left us with few options other than to pivot to online learning and to move forward with trepidation regarding our school system. Some children have returned to full-time classrooms, which naturally leaves their parents very concerned about their exposure to the virus. Some children attend classes in front of computers at home, which naturally requires more parental supervision (and often translates to increased daycare costs). Finally, some children have a combination of both online and classroom learning, which manages to meld the downsides of both. While we are all used to worrying about our children, the COVID-19 pandemic further complicates the matter.

Social Distancing

The national and international agencies that dictate how best to cope with COVID-19 instruct us to follow all of the following social distancing rules:

  • Keep at least 6 feet between ourselves and others with whom we do not share our homes.

  • Wear a mask whenever we leave the house (except for solo pursuits outdoors).

  • Wash our hands frequently and thoroughly.

  • Limit gatherings to small numbers – while adhering to the other rules of social distancing. Keeping these gatherings outdoors is preferable.

While these rules are manageable, they can lead to a sense of isolation over time. Many people do not recognize how beneficial social interaction is to their overall well-being. Now that it has been unceremoniously taken away, many of us are beginning to experience adverse effects, including fissures in our marriages.

An Experienced Killeen Divorce Attorney Can Help

The global pandemic that has changed our lives in ways that we had no way of anticipating has left some couples more susceptible to divorce. If you are facing a divorce, Brett Pritchard at The Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen, Texas, is a dedicated divorce attorney who has the resources, focus, and experience to help guide your case toward divorce terms that support you and your children’s rights and best interests. We are on your side, so please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 254-501-4040 for more information today.
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