Five Common Forms of Scam and Fraud in Texas

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Both scams and frauds involve using some kind of manipulation or deception to gain something for oneself, which usually means a financial gain of some kind. In other words, scams and frauds are intended to unfairly deprive their victims of something that is rightfully theirs. If you are facing a charge that involves either a scam or a fraud, reach out to an experienced Round Rock criminal defense attorney today.

One: Telephone Scams

A very common form of scam happens on the phone – when someone attempts to wheedle private information out of you for nefarious purposes. The call can originate from an actual person or may be a robocall. Common examples include scammers who tell you they need personal information and/or payment for one of the following reasons:

  • Because your social security number has been compromised

  • Because you owe money to the IRS

  • Because someone is suing you and you need to pay up over the phone

  • Because you are going straight to jail if you do not pay a specific fine

  • Because you have to pay a fee to obtain the prize, lottery, or sweepstakes you have won

  • Because you need to pay an administrative fee in order to receive a grant you have been awarded

Legitimate sources do not make these kinds of calls, but this list could go on and on.

Two: Charity Scams

When disaster strikes – the pandemic is a prime example – scam charities start coming out of the woodwork, and some of their favorite tactics include:

  • Strongarming you into a rush donation

  • Thanking you for an imaginary donation then guilting you into a real one

  • Using a charity name that is nearly identical to a legit charity that you know

  • Taking a sentimental approach but never telling you what your donation is actually for

Three: Banking Scams

Banking scams are all about gaining access to your bank information, and they often include phishing for bank information via email inquiries, setting up automatic withdrawals that allow access to your bank account, and more.

Four: Investment Scams

Investment scams generally hinge on offering unrealistically high returns for very little investment and no risk. Examples include:

  • Ponzi or pyramid schemes

  • Fraudulently requiring an advance fee

  • Pump and dump schemes in which the seller pumps up the value of a stock via a hard sell approach then dumps his or her own shares

Five: Ticket Scams

Ticket scams involve fraudulently selling highly sought event tickets. Examples include:

  • Charging extremely elevated prices (ticket scalping)

  • Selling duplicates of legitimate tickets

  • Pretending to sell a ticket as a means of obtaining credit card information

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