The 6 Types of Bribery in Texas

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You probably have a pretty good idea about what bribery means, but you may not realize that there are 6 distinct bribery charges in the State of Texas. If you are facing a bribery charge, it is a serious matter, and you're well-advised to work closely with an experienced Round Rock criminal attorney(Is Everything I Tell My Criminal Defense Lawyer Confidential?)


At its core, bribery – a fairly common white-collar crime – is the illegal practice of attempting to influence a public official’s discharge of his or her public or legal obligations via any of the following:

  • Offering something of value

  • Soliciting something of value

  • Receiving something of value

  • Giving something of value

The Six Charges

One: Bribes Involving Public Officials

This is the classic definition of bribery, and it refers to the briber directly or indirectly giving, promising, or offering something of value to a public official with the specific intention of influencing an official act.

Two: Bribery Involving Kickbacks

Bribery involving kickbacks refers to engaging in bribery that attempts to exchange some form of favor or compensation for a specific treatment or decision that is beneficial to the briber.

Three: Bribery of or by a Witness

Bribing a witness to a crime to alter his or her testimony is bribery of a witness, and a witness who seeks favors for altering his or her testimony is bribery by a witness.

Four: Bank Bribery

Bank officials cannot accept entertainment or meals in the capacity of their positions – lest it be considered a bribe – and bank officials are required to report any attempts at bribery.

Five: Bribes Involving Sports

Favors made to sporting officials in exchange for the influence they have over the outcomes of sporting events are considered a sporting bribe.

Six: Bribing a Foreign Official

There are some payments that are used to expedite paperwork for international business transactions that are not illegal, but when corporate representatives attempt to bribe foreign officials for their own gain, it is against the law.

The Elements of a Bribe

In order for an act to rise to the level of bribery, the following elements must be present:

  • The person accepting the bribe must either be a public official or the staffer of a public official.

  • Something of value must have been offered.

  • An official act must have potentially been influenced by the briber’s actions.

  • The public official accused of accepting the bribe must have had the power to perform the official act in question.

  • The briber must have intended to achieve a specific result.

Ultimately, the prosecutor must be able to establish a causal connection between the alleged bribe and the official act in question, which must amount to more than mere suspicion or coincidence.

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