4 Factors that Can Stall the Divorce Process in Texas


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4 Factors that Can Stall the Divorce Process in Texas

If you are facing a Texas divorce, you would naturally prefer that it proceed apace – rather than drag on. While your divorce will be unique to your marriage and the circumstances involved, there are several factors that consistently slow things down. It is perfectly reasonable to set goals related to the timing of your divorce, but it is important to recognize that the more important goals involve protecting your parental and financial rights throughout the divorce process.

One: There Is a Mandatory Waiting Period

The first factor to consider regarding your divorce timeline is the fact that the law imposes a mandatory waiting period of 60 days from the date of filing before your divorce can be finalized. This means that even if you and your divorcing spouse have done the prep work and hammered out divorce terms that you are both willing to accept, you will still need to wait 60 days.

Two: Disagreements Will Slow You Down

The terms of your divorce set the stage for your post-divorce lives, which means that it is important to get them right. The terms that must be ironed out for every divorce (as applicable) include:

  • The divisions of your marital property

  • Your child custody arrangements

  • Child support

  • Alimony

If you and your divorcing spouse cannot agree on each of these terms that apply, it is likely to slow the divorce process down considerably. It is important to recognize, however, that a dedicated Gatesville divorce attorney can help you explore your best options and find a suitable path forward for you.

Three: Financial Complications Slow the Process

One of the most challenging components of divorce is the equitable division of your marital property, and there are several factors that help make this already-complicated process even more so, including:

  • Business ownership

  • High assets

  • Obtuse financials (if, for example, your spouse holds the financial reins, and you are in the dark about your family’s finances)

  • Complicated financials involving a considerable amount of intermingled separate and marital property

Any one of these calls for more careful attention to help ensure that your financial rights are upheld. The division of your marital property is not something you should rush.

Four: Being Far apart Regarding Child Custody Arrangements

Your child custody arrangements set the course for your ongoing living arrangements with your children, which makes them extremely important. If you and your divorcing spouse cannot find a middle ground on the matter, you can expect your divorce to take longer. Ultimately, the court is motivated by the best interests of the children involved and generally interprets this as spending a significant amount of time with both parents. Keeping this in mind as you move forward in the decision-making process can help.

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