How a Simple Calendar Can Help with Your Child Custody Case


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How a Simple Calendar Can Help with Your Child Custody Case

If you and your divorcing spouse cannot come to mutually agreeable child custody arrangements, the court will do so on your behalf. Matters involving your children are naturally very important, and going before the court regarding your parenting schedule and child support can be exceptionally stressful. Fortunately, something as simple as keeping a personal calendar can help you defend your position to the court and can have an important impact on your case.

The Court’s Stance

When it comes to making decisions about children, the court is always motivated by their best interests. Further, because the court understands that divorce can be exceptionally hard on children, its decisions regarding parenting schedules are often predicated on the status quo (so that the children involved are not required to endure any more disruptive change than is necessary). The court will consider the amount of time each of you spends with your shared children and the quality of that time spent together. While it is fairly easy to remember the days of the week the children are with you and the major holidays you spend together, there is a lot more to it than that.

Your Personal Calendar

Keeping a careful personal calendar regarding when you have your children and what you do together can go a long way toward keeping things straight in your mind – especially when it comes to the stressful situation of presenting this important information to the court. Your calendar can also serve as evidence that you present to the court in defense of your position. Consider keeping track of all of the following:

  • Your regularly scheduled time with your children and any additional scheduling slots that you take on

  • Visits to the doctor, eye doctor, and dentist

  • Counseling sessions

  • Church and church events

  • Birthday parties, dinners with your extended family, and other events

  • Extracurricular activities, including ongoing sporting activities

  • Tutoring sessions

  • Homework sessions with your kids

  • Driving distances to and from events

  • Pickup and drop-off days and times

Your schedule is unique to you and your situation, and the more detailed your calendar, the better.

How Your Calendar Can Help

Keeping a careful calendar can help remind you not only about the amount of time that you spend with your children on a regular basis but also about what you spend that time doing. While you know that you spend a considerable amount of time with your children, saying this to the court is not as compelling as sharing a detailed calendar that demonstrates exactly when you have your children and how you spend your time together.

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