Your Divorce Checklist


Your Divorce Checklist

Your divorce will not be exactly like anyone else’s, but there are some basic tasks that every divorcing couple should take into consideration prior to divorce. The fact is that the more preparation you put into your divorce, the better off you will be. Preplanning can help you bypass many stumbling blocks, and you will also have a better chance of keeping your divorce civil.

Facing Divorce

You did not marry with the intention of divorcing, and you may not have even considered it a possibility. Sometimes, however, couples have to face the fact that divorce has become their best option. If you are at this point, it can help to look at divorce as the gateway to your post-divorce future. Doing your due diligence prior to – or soon after – filing can help you keep your divorce moving forward with purpose.

Creating Your Checklist

Now that you have made the difficult decision that you need a divorce, it is time to create your divorce checklist, which should contain a variety of basics that apply across the board.

Make a Budget that Addresses Your Finances

The fact is that you will almost certainly live on less once you are divorced. Many people downsize their homes and make other important financial adjustments to address this fact. Your budget should carefully address your housing needs and costs, along with the other regular expenses you will face. Ultimately, you will want to consider all of the following:

  • Housing for you and your children

  • The cost of utilities

  • The cost of food and clothing

  • Your insurance costs, including home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and any other policies you carry

  • Your transportation expenses, including your car payment and the cost of gas

  • You and your children’s medical expenses

  • The cost of your children’s education and/or daycare

  • Your children’s extracurricular expenses

  • The legal costs associated with a Belton divorce lawyer

  • Any other pertinent expenses

The more detailed your budget, the better it will serve you.

Hammer out Your Child Custody Arrangements

As hard as divorce is on you, it is likely to be even more difficult for your children. If you and your divorcing spouse can find a middle ground on the matter, you can help spare your children some of the heartache involved. Even if you do not see eye-to-eye from the outset, the option of mediation is available. Ultimately, better understanding your priorities regarding child custody arrangements leaves you better prepared to negotiate effectively.

Focus on Your Divorce Terms

In addition to your child custody arrangements, your divorce will need to address all of the following terms that apply:

  • The division of your marital property

  • Child support

  • Alimony

The more forethought you put into these and the more negotiating you do in good faith regarding each, the less chance there is that you will need the court to intervene on your behalf.

An Experienced Belton Family Lawyer Can Help

Brett Pritchard atThe Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard a practiced family lawyer with more than 20 years of experience successfully helping clients like you obtain favorable divorce terms. We are here to help, so please do not wait to contact or call us at 254-501-4040 for more information today.

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