Excess Speed Is Often Deadly

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Dangerous car accidents can be caused by any kind of driver negligence, but excess speed is often the culprit in deadly car accidents. Drivers who speed without concern for others make our roadways far more dangerous than they already are. Excessive speeding is an all too deadly form of driver negligence. (Learn more about how driver negligence can lead to car accidents)

The Terrifying Statistics

According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, speed plays three roles in life-threatening accidents, including:

  • Excess speed reduces the amount of time the driver has to safely respond to dangers ahead.

  • Excess speed increases the distance the vehicle needs to come to a safe stop. (Read more about following at a safe distance)

  • Excess speed decreases the effectiveness of structures that are put in place to increase safety on our roads, including crash cushions, guardrails, impact attenuators, concrete barriers, and median dividers.

Further, the following statistics from 2019 tell a grim tale:

  • Nearly 9,500 people were killed as a result of excess speed.

  • Speed played a significant role in a full 26 percent of all deadly traffic crashes.

  • An average of 25 people lost their lives every day in speed-related accidents.

Speed Is Relative

When a driver chooses to ignore the speed limit, that is obviously a form of dangerous speeding, but that is far from the end of the story. Every driver is responsible for driving safely in relation to whatever conditions are on the ground, including the dangerous effects of any of the following:

Whatever the obstacle to smooth sailing is, motorists are responsible for adjusting their speed accordingly and safely. Speed limits are set with good driving conditions in mind, and motorists are required to adjust their speed downward from there.

The Higher the Speed, the Greater the Danger

The higher the at-fault driver’s speed, the greater the risk that any ensuing accidents will be deadly (this is in addition to the fact that the driver’s speed increases the risk that accidents will happen in the first place). The kinds of damages that are closely associated with speed-related accidents include all of the following:

  • Extensive Medical Costs – Serious injuries can lead to the need for long-term medical treatment and care, including an increased risk of experiencing secondary health concerns. 

  • Lost Wages – The more serious your injuries, the more likely you are to miss a considerable amount of work and to experience a serious decrease in earnings.

  • Pain and Suffering – Accidents that are caused by high speeds tend to be as terrifying as they are dangerous, and this can translate to considerable physical and emotional pain and suffering. (Do Not Delay Seeking Medical Care after a Car Accident)

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