T-Bone Accidents and Fault: What You Need to Know

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T-bone accidents are exceptionally dangerous accidents that happen when a vehicle barrels into the side of another vehicle headlong – often in intersections. T-bone accidents are as common as they are dangerous, and they are typically the result of driver negligence. When you are behind the wheel, always make driving safely your priority – and do not forget to watch out for the other guy.

What Is a T-Bone Accident?

As the name implies, T-bone accidents refer to those car accidents in which one vehicle drives squarely into the side of another (forming the shape of a T). Because our vehicles lack the same protections on their sides – such as airbags and a hood at the front and a trunk at the back – these accidents can be especially dangerous.

Common Causes

T-bone accidents can have any number of causes, but there are certain causes that are most common.


When motorists are distracted by anything other than moving safely through traffic, it can spell trouble. A driver who is engaged in texting has his or her hands, vision, and thoughts all trained on his or her phone, which makes plunging into the side of another vehicle that much more likely. While any kind of distraction will do, texting is by far the most likely to cause a dangerous accident, such as a T-bone accident. (How Much of a Distracted Driver Are You, Really?)

Ignoring Traffic Signals

Stop signs and traffic lights are there for the very important reason of directing the safe flow of traffic, and when motorists take it upon themselves to do any of the following, dangerous T-bone accidents can ensue:

  • Running a red light (Traffic fatalities caused by running red lights is at a 10-year high. Click here to read more)
  • Running a stop sign
  • Jumping a green light
  • Pushing a yellow light
  • Making a left turn when it is unsafe to do so
  • Pulling into traffic from a side street, parking lot, alley, or driveway when it is unsafe to do so

Common Injuries

The impact of a T-bone accident can lead to very serious injuries, including:

  • Broken Bones – Broken bones are painful, slow to heal, and can lead to serious complications.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can alter your personality and leave you facing a lifetime of care needs. Even a relatively minor TBI can lead to haunting emotional consequences.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Injuries to the spine are painful and can seriously decrease your range of motion. If the spinal cord is severed, the injury means life-altering paralysis.

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